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VanDer Haus Real Estate Company derives from the international community of the real estate market, and was previously a part of the largest intermediation group in real estate in Central and Eastern Europe. The Company has been established in Wielkopolska as a result of changes in ownership in order to adapt to current market conditions and to provide professional customer service in the field of rental, sale and management of residential and commercial property.

The Company’s mission is to combine modern technology in customer service with the tradition relating to the transformations within the company, while maintaining high standards of service and customer satisfaction. Therefore, we focus on the professional team of property market specialists and continuous staff trainings in the legal and financial field of carried out transactions. We also concentrate on extensive marketing in the most popular Internet platform and social media.

International roots provide us with the ability to serve domestic and foreign customers, starting from transactions concerning apartment renting, through the commercialization of office space and warehouses, to the investment advisory associated with the sale of residential and commercial premises and land for housing or AG.

The strategy of VanDer Haus Real Estate is not only to be a leading Agency in Poznan and in Wielkopolska region, but also the further expansion and development in other large Polish agglomerations, wherever we can serve our customers with advice and assistance in the field of real estate.

“With tradition into the future – we change for the better” – is the motto of VanDer Haus Real Estate Company, referring to the company’s history, reflecting international standards and local solutions tailored to individual needs, applied with the physical and institutional entities with whom we work.

We invite you for cooperation in the field of residential and commercial transactions in real estate!

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