Lease Administration Service

For whom:

  • For individual clients and companies
  • For owners of apartments, houses, office spaces, retail and other commercial premises

Range of service:

  • Advising on the actual leasing price for the property in question, and what possibly needs to be done to lease the property quickly and without any problems;
  • Signing a contract for Lease Administration (template of the contract sent on request);
  • Looking for a tenant, preparing an offer, publishing it on websites boards, organizing visits to the property;
  • Introducing potential candidates for tenants to the owner, verifying the intending tenant for its payment’s ability – checking in KRD (country debtors register), conducting negotiations;
  • Preparing a draft of the lease agreement;
  • Signing of the lease agreement with the future lessee on the terms agreed with the owner, charging a deposit, passing the property to the tenant, including the preparation of a detailed delivery – acceptance protocol and photographic documentation;
  • Taking care of proper condition of the property through supervision over the lease period;
  • Collecting and settling the leasing fees, fees for community or cooperative housing, and enforcing other liabilities resulting from the contract of lease;
  • Transferring the leasing fee to the bank account of the owner in a timely manner (after deducting fees for administration);
  • Immediately informing the owner about the tenant’s arrears in payments;
  • Delivering, if necessary, debtors letters, reminders, requests for payment (as the last resort, mediating in taking legal action);
  • Preparing annexes concerning changes in tenancy agreements;
  • Coordinating minor repairs and troubleshooting, using the service of the well-proven construction workers
  • Preparing documents and conducting matters related to the termination of the lease agreement in the cases specified in the lease agreement and the reception of the premises.

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